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Welcome to 

West Wales Tai Chi

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In person classes now running:-) Booking Essential!

Please go to the classes page for more info..

Welcome to West Wales Tai Chi

Online Training Program

So far there are 6 training levels, 100 hrs of instruction over 87 videos and still growing!

A lifetime of experience & training in one accessible program.

Designed to give a solid grounding in Tai Chi & Qigong fundamentals for a healthy, happy mind & body...

..including more advanced detail and practises for the more experienced practitioner.

Complete instruction from day 1 beginner, working towards to proficiency in:-

Wuxing (Five Element) Qigong

Ba Duan Jin Qigong

Tai Chi Healing Form

24 step Tai Chi Form

Yang Style 37 step short Form

Yang Style Sword (Jian) Form

Basic Meditation practises

Coming Soon in 2021:

Pushing Hands (Tui Shou)

Tai Chi Self Defence 

Acupressure for common ailments

All for only £25 per month, for full unlimited access to all current and future content. 

There are no restrictions on plays per video.

No tie ins you may cancel a subscription at any time.

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Payment is via Credit/Debit Card or via Pay Pal.


"I developed a sore back due to working long hours during lockdown.

A friend suggested that Matt's online program may help; I am so happy I found it!

Not only is the teaching clear and concise, but it's alleviated my pain and given me the tools to cope with life's current pressures. Due to the incredible quantity of content available, it gives me the flexibility to fit it in with my life.

Finally, Matt is a truly wonderful and caring human being and this rings true in his teaching style."

Lee-Jane, Edinburgh.

"Matt brings to his classes: integrity, passion, dedication, patience, kindness, experience, knoweledge, skill, humour & energy, which he shares generously, with all who are open to recieve it. Young or old, experienced or complete beginner, all are welcomed and guided by Matt with humility and selflessness that is so very rare today, and his desire for all to benefit from the wisdom and power of Qigong & Tai Chi shines out of him!

Don't think you are going to get a fluffy 1 or 2 hour class or even a 3 hr class; he works us hard, but its worth it! The hard work is softened by his humour and kindness.

If you want to learn from somebody who is the genuine article and is totally dedicated to this ancient wisdom, then Matt is the teacher for you. I thank him from the bottom of my heart."

Fiona, Wales 

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