"Matt brings to his classes: integrity, passion, dedication, patience, kindness, experience, knowledge, skill, humour and energy, which he shares, generously,  with all who are open to receive it. Young or old, experienced or raw beginner, all are welcomed and guided by Matt with a humility and selflessness that is so very rare today, and his desire for all to benefit from the wisdom and power of qigung and tai chi shines out of him. 
Don't think you're going to get a 'fluffy' one and a half hours; he works us hard, but it is worth it!  and the  hard work is softened by his humour and kindness. 
If you want to learn from somebody who is the genuine article and is totally dedicated to this ancient wisdom, then Matt is the teacher for you. I thank him from the bottom of my heart Emoji.
Fiona Bailey "

I have been practising meditation and yoga for a long time and don't know how I would have managed without them as they gave me the stability and direction I needed.   But now I have discovered Tai Chi and Qigong, and this has really revolutionised my life.   Why?   Because, through them, I feel I reach absolutely every part of me - body, mind and soul, for want of a better description - to know them and strengthen them, and to let go of the 'rubbish'.   After a very short period of practice, I felt so much more able to cope with whatever life throws at me.   And, what a bonus, my body feels much stronger and more balanced.   Also, importantly, I can see that there is so much more to learn through the practice of Qigong and Tai Chi.   I will be able to go on learning forever! ..............

Matt is a wonderful teacher.   He has so much knowledge and he demonstrates a very strong personal practice.   He is thoughtful, kind to all and infinitely patient.   He makes it clear to us that we should go at our own pace and learn from our own experience.   Also, we learn many things which we can practise at home by ourselves.    I would recommend Matt's Tai Chi classes to anyone and regularly do!   We are, by the way, from all walks of life and all ages.    RS

I Loved Matt's Class from the first time I went. I wasnt sure what to expect as I hadnt heard of Chi Kung before, but felt amazing by the end. I have been going twice a week most weeks, for 6years now and have found that it really helps my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Any Mental tensions you turn up to class with will seem so much lighter at the end of the session. There is no pressure, no competition and you just work at your own pace. No two classes are the same and Matt will often structure the class to suit who has turned up that day. You don't have to commit to a block of classes but, of course the more often you turn up the better you feel.

I would recommend his classes to anyone who wants time out from life's hectic pace. Matt is a great advertisement for the benefits of regular Chi Kung and Tai Chi practise.

Alison Ball


Matt is a very friendly and down to earth person and has the ability to help you, and make you believe in yourself.

He too helped me on many occassions with my health and to be in tune with the energy that I use doing Tai Chi.



I have been training with Matt in the Carmarthen Tai Chi classes for a few years now, and would recomend him unreservedly as a teacher of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. He is extremely knoweledgeable both of the health aspects of the internal arts and also of their martial applications. The latter is essential to a comprehensive understanding of the arts.

Matt is freindly and very approachable and has enormous enthusiasm for teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Knoweledge of a subject and the ability to teach it are not always synonymous, but we are fortunate in that Matt is extremely profficient in both!

Dr. John Kelly

(Retired Psychiatrist)

Over the last 9 years I have had the good luck to have had some very patient and knoweledgeable Tai Chi Instuctors, however I feel Matt's classes have taken my understanding of my own Tai Chi to another level. Whilst the responsibilty for the development of our Tai Chi rests ultimately with ourselves, it is not a journey we can undertake alone. I feel fortunate indeed therefore to have found in Matt a teacher whose commitment and abilities shine through in every leasson. The rest is up to me.


Ive been going to Matt's classes for over 6yrs - its the longest continual commitment I have made to any form of exercise class which speaks volumes in itself - AND I still get something new out of it everytime and come away feeling calm, refreshed and stronger.

Matt is welcoming to all - whether beginners or more advanced students and endlessly patient and caring about all those in the class.

I cant recommend his classes enough - for amazingly subtle yet complete mind/body/spirit workout there is nothing else like it.


To sum up I find these classes and the practise that comes out of it, a gift: it took years of knowing that I needed to do martial arts based healing before i finally got here,made the commitment and stuck to it. Now I wouldn't be without it: I want to be functioning at the best of my ability and enjoying my body all my life: not physically exhausted and struggling in middle age. I didn't realise how much tension I was holding and how that was affecting my life!

What I have learned with Matthew and Michael has changed my approach for the better and my body has breathed a sigh of relief.

I feel humbled to have such a teacher just down the road from me! I find the way information is shared and imparted spot on, friendly and practical. There's so much richness to be had in these classes which is beyonfd capturing in words: I'd say its best to come along, give it some time, and experience how things change for you and see what opens up?, it worked for me anyway:)


Matt's Tai Chi Classes are very pleasant and relaxed. Its evident that careful thought has gone into his lessons as each stage moves smoothly from one to another and he is committed in making the lessons achievable for all levels of ability.

The Qi Gong exercises are very worthwhile and of obvious health benefits to me improving balance, breathing, strength and suppleness as well as promoting relaxation. I find Matt to be an excellent Tai Chi Teacher, very calm, patient and supportive, always willing to answer questions and demonstrate the applications of the moves of the form. It is a Happy class I thoroughly enjoy my 2hr session on a Monday morning.


I have only been training with Matt for 7mths, but have trained in various martial arts over the years (i'm 57 this year).

during this time my teachers have ranged in both teaching and martial abilities.

I personally always enjoy Matts classes even if im underpar heading off to class i always return back on form (sorry for the pun)

Over the last few years I have noticed that im using various techniques taught in my everyday life. My wife has even utilised some of the energy techniques I have been shown by Matt during her Reiki sessions to good effect.

For me its a very personal journey, and I am grateful to have found Matt and the students who train under his guidance.