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Paul Jennings


I always intended to take up Tai Chi earlier in lifethan I actually did, I even attended classes for a while in London. The teacher was one of those guys whose age was hard to guess; I suppose he was in his fiftiesand was in better shape than I was in my twenties. I should have paid more attention!


I came back to Tai Chi in my early thirties, primarily because i was still interested in martial arts and had, had enough of the military style of the jiu jitsu I'd done at university. Ive had a number of skilled and generous teachers over the last 15yrs, and in 2013 I started attending West Wales Tai Chi classes in Carmarthen.


I had learned a great deal with Xavier Renault in France, and thought I would be lucky to find in my next teacher someone who could help my studies as much.

It is no exaggeration to say that with West Wales Tai Chi my practise has been transformed.


I began teaching in the spring 2018 and enjoy immensely my time with the students in my classes. I endeavour to pass on the valuable knoweledge that has been shared with me by my teachers, especially Matt at West Wales Tai Chi, in an authentic way which makes sense of Tai Chi as a practise for both health and self defence.


Once upon a time in a university far away( Swansea), I was trained as an historian and have a PhD in History. Not taking to academic life, I worked for 12yrs in organic agriculture before managing to get a piece of land and some ruins to rebuild in France. We came back to Wales in 2013 and now live on a One Planet Development project, practising and teaching Permaculture, home educating, and trying to stay sane in this crazy world.:)




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My name is James Beavis.

I first heard of Qigong in 2002 when I stumbled across a book called 'The Way of Power'.

I found a class and attended once but it was too far to travel. It wasnt until 2005 in Edinburgh, that I took part in regular practise. I was suffering from chronic fatigue and was struggling to work for even a few hours a week. I had tried everything i could think of and been turned away by 3 seperate G.P's with 'I don't Knows', and only an offer of anti-depressants from one, which I tried for a period til the doctor stopped the medication as he and I felt it wasn't working.

I eventually tried Shiatsu and was lucky enough to find a very talented practitioner and there was an immediate difference in my energy levels and release of stress. She recommended that I try Qigong and put me in touch with a teacher and i started regular practise. The release of stress was incredible and each session I went to gave me a little more energy.

Unfortunately I moved away a few months later, and moving around regularily for the next few years I found it difficult to find classes and guidance.

It wasn't until living in Swansea for a brief time in 2009 that i managed to find a class and start regular practise again.

Moving further West I was lucky enough to meet and attend workshops with Michael Henley who then put me in touch with Matt.

Meeting Matt, again at a particular low point in my life, with chronic back problems, fatigue and depression, I quickly established and developed a daily practise. With Matt's guidance and support, I rediscovered my resilience and determination and made huge gains in my physical and mental health. In 2015 Matt encouraged me to start teaching, and supported my application to the Tai Chi Union of great Britain to be recognised as an Instructor.

I now see my experiences with mental health problems since childhood, living with ME/CFS, and three periods of disability through chronic back injuries as valuable, and experiences that i now use to help others restore and maintain their own health through my classes, and also to help people with chronic health conditions in my one to one private sessions.

I feel priviledged to have been teaching Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan with West Wales Tai Chi since May 2015

The main aim of my teaching is to give people the opportunity to learn a powerful self development tool which is accessible to all with careful structured teaching.

I am convinced that Qigong and Tai Chi give us a sophisticated framework and tool kit which can enable us to develop every level of our being: our emotional, social, psychological and physical selves.

I want everyone to have the opportunity that I have had to recover from illness and injury, to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life, restoring our capacity to live healthy, fulfilling lives.