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I am pleased to announce that I will be able to open up a couple of classes in October

The first Class to resume will be in Fishguard on Monday 5th October and the second Class will be at Llety Cynin, St.Clears on Friday 9th October 

see the classes page for more info..

Some Rules:



To book for fishguard just drop me an email, spaces are limited to 20 people.

If you cant make it then let me know in advance so I may give your space to someone else.

To book for Llety Cynin please call their reception and put your name down.

Tel. No. 01994 232773

3.) You will also be required to fill out out an online Covid questionaire that I will send you and also a new student member form too, before you can attend a class. Im sorry for all this but its just the hoops we need to jump through to be able to get back to class and to keep people safe and reassured. I will send out the forms to you all by Mon 14/9 if you havent had one then send me an email and i will get them to you.

Thank You for your patience

I look forward to seeing you again! 

*Please note: If you feel unwell or have any Covid or suspected symptoms please dont come to class.Due to new Welsh guidleines you will need to wear a mask on entry to the building but yo dont need to wear one once you are in the class. For those of you attending classes you will be expected to sanitise your hands on entry and exit and to stick to the 2 metre social distancing rule.*

I have been in contact with various venues such as Newport, Templeton, Newcastle Emlyn and Carmarthen etc, unfortunately these venues being community halls or directed by the council aren't allowed to open yet. Only private halls/studios etc

I am sorry for any inconvenience about this as i would like to get you all back up and running as soon as we can but also as soon as it is safe to do so in each respective venue.

Keep an eye on here and i will update the classes page when these venues come out out of lockdown. I have updated the cost page as there has been some changes to my pricing structure. This is to reflect the extra work with risk assessments and cleaning that will be my responsibility. Again sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you feel it is too soon for you to come back to a class yet, I completey understand.

My Online Program will be ongoing and i will be adding levels periodically.

So if you havent subscribed yet and would like to please see the instructions below.

Many Thanks 



New  Qigong  &  Tai Chi - Online Training Program

Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 are Now Live and Ready For You!

Subscribe Below

If you wish to subscribe there is a message at the end of the launch trailer or you can click on any of the videos in the playlist,  after about 60 seconds of that video playing  a message will pop up regarding subscription. 

The program costs 25 pounds sterling per month which gives you full access to all current content and all future content.
There are no restrictions on times of play per video and you may cancel your recurring monthly subscription at any time.

Wether you are a complete beginner or a long term student, I hope you will join me on this journey into your development in these wonderful arts and my comical journey trying to be more technically proficient!:D
I hope you have been trying to keep up your own daily practise and that this program will give you some useful reminders. For those of you who haven't then now you have no excuse!;D. 

will be adding to the program in due course with level 5 being mainly an instructional on the Yi Jing Jin Exercises which consist of 12 soft tissue stretching exercises, which are very good for all sorts of restriction in the body, especially good for the spine.

I  hope to see you all again in the not too distant future!

Best Wishes 

Matt & Family 

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